Care and Cleaning of Stainless Steel Counter Tops

Stainless steel countertops are really nice and they clean up easy and fast. Stainless steel looks so clean and polished when it is taken care of. One thing you should do to keep it looking good is to wipe them up right away so they do not have a chance to stain. Acidic food can leave a stain on your countertops. Always clean up, that is a good rule to live by anyway. When cared for properly, stainless steel countertops can look nice for years.

Always wipe up a mess as soon as you can and dry it off with a soft absorbent cloth. Stainless steel should always remain dry for the best results of keeping it looking good.

To clean up a stainless steel countertop, all you need it hot water and some mild soap. If soap and water does not do the job to clean up a countertop then apply a liquid detergent directly on the spot and wipe it up. Then rinse the soap off with some clear water. You can also try cleaning up with rubbing alcohol. For fast easy cleanups you can put some rubbing alcohol in a spray bottle and use the spray bottle to clean up quick. Just spray on the rubbing alcohol and wipe it off with a soft clean cloth.

Never use a scrubbing powder of any kind not even baking soda. Any abrasive will scratch a stainless steel countertop. Always use a soft cloth that has no abrasive on it when you clean it.

It is not recommended to use a commercial industrial stainless steel cleaner on a home countertop. A home countertop is not made for industrial cleaners.

Anytime you clean a stainless steel countertop with a cleaner of any kind rinse it off as soon as you can. With stainless steel it is better to work fast or you can leave behind water and cleaner deposits that will make your stainless steel countertop look dull and dingy.

Stainless steel countertops are nice to have and easy to care for compared to other types of countertops. But you can scratch it easily so always use a cutting board when you are cutting up foods, never cut on the top of your countertop.

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