Designing the Perfect Home Office

Before you begin any home office renovation project, it’s wise to consider and weigh the options that are available when designing a home office. From the traditional space with leather furniture and cozy bookshelves, to the eclectic space filled with cute cubbies and vibrant colors, a home office space can be one of many designs or a mix of a few. Here is a list of basic design ideas for your perfect home office.


The traditional home office is probably one of the most recognized home office themes. Leather furniture, dark exotic hardwoods and elegant old world charm are the main characteristics of this basic home office theme. Offshoots of this design element include English, Tuscan and Classical styles that all center around chocolate, mahogany and caramel like colors that bring a rich and deep tone to these design themes.

Construct 101 Tip: Fine woods can be very expensive. Opt out for dark colored paints like browns, tans and dark yellows for the look and feel of wood without the huge price tag.


The contemporary home office is designed with the modern look in mind. Sleek and comfortable furniture meshes with interesting and unique accents to create a functional and artistic work space. Brighter colors are added to the contemporary space such as cream and eggshell to create an open and airy feeling.

Construct 101 Tip: Natural lighting compliments the contemporary office and bright widows are a must have. Living plants like ferns and orchids blend well in this home office design.


This home office design is often minimalist and stark. Contrasting colors and bold statements are the calling card of modern home office design. Geometric shapes and patterns also play a large role in this unique and interesting home office design.

Construct 101 Tip: Dark and light contrasts mixed with one bold or bright color is very modern office. Use lighting solutions in the home office like directional, track or task lighting with the focus on the bright, contrasting color for an old take on this unique home office design.


A mix between the classics and the modern, transitional home office design is typically several themes combined into one. More often than not, the two main theme elements tend to be contemporary and modernism. Asian and traditional also qualifies as transitional.

Construct 101 Tip: Bring the best of your two favorite designs together for the ultimate home office-just don’t go overboard. Mesh colors and styles together without huge contrasting differences.

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