How to Install a Door Lock that Provides You with More Security and Privacy

The installation of a privacy lock can provide you with another level of protection against the hordes of home intruders that your local news anchors probably have tried to frighten you with. The tools necessary for a DIY job of installing a privacy lock are fairly basic: power drill, saw, chisel, screwdriver and some other tools. Even if you don’t have much experience making improvements to your home yourself, you can probably accomplish this task.

Begin installing a privacy lock by find the hole centers on the door face and edge. Use the paper template that should have been supplied with the lock by the manufacturer. A hole saw comes in quite handy for cutting out openings with a clean edge. You want to bore though the hole until the pilot bit comes out and then move around to drill from the opposite side.

Now comes the task of making a connecting hole for the latch. Use what is known as a spade bit or a Forstner drill bit for this process. As long as you can keep the drill steady and level while drilling through the door edge you should have no problem. This is one part of the job of installing a privacy lock that can be a bit tricky for the beginner do-it-yourselfer.

Following a successful completion of the connecting hole, it’s time to mark the latch mortise. Use a standard utility blade to trim around the edges and then use the chisel I mentioned earlier to clean out the mortise you have made. Mortise is just a fancy carpenter term for a hole in the wood. You will then need to repeat what you have just done for the door strike. A good way to make this go easier is to color the end of the sliding bolt. This allows for greater accuracy when you are attempting to locate the strike.

Once the bolt and the strike of the lock are aligned, all that is left is the tightening of the screws holding the latch mechanism and the knobs to the door.

The completed project results in a lock that is very secure against illegal entry. Keep in mind, of course, that no lock is completely secure and that anyone with the determination to get past your door’s lock is going to find a way. The privacy lock should give you enough time to call 911 if the intruders are that intent upon breaking in, however.

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